Enable precise control of long-press interactions for both touch and mouse events with useLongPress.


npm i @uidotdev/usehooks


The useLongPress hook enhances React applications by managing long-press interactions for both mouse and touch events, thereby ensuring a consistent user experience across devices. This hook not only broadens user interactivity but also allows for customization, providing developers the flexibility to adjust the long-press functionality according to their application needs.


callbackfunctionThis is the function to be executed when a long press event is detected.
optionsobjectThis is an optional configuration object provided when calling useLongPress.
options.thresholdnumberThis is the time (in milliseconds) the user must press and hold to trigger a long press event. Default value is 400.
options.onStartfunctionThis function is called when the user starts pressing.
options.onFinishfunctionThis function is called when a long press event finishes successfully (the user releases after the threshold).
options.onCancelfunctionThis function is called when a press event is cancelled (the user releases before the threshold).

Return Values

onMouseDownfunctionThis is the mouse down event handler.
onMouseUpfunctionThis is the mouse up event handler.
onMouseLeavefunctionThis is the mouse leave event handler.
onTouchStartfunctionThis is the touch start event handler.
onTouchEndfunctionThis is the touch end event handler.



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